The first month is gone and it was really fast!
The Bxl Europe Asbl looks like a small and warm family.
We each have our assignment every day but we all follow everything in order to be inform about all projects we are coordinating like Erasmus +, Social Economy, Creative Europe exc.
Beyond the projects, every day we do a lot of networking activities and we have many proposals for other new research projects.
Sometimes we have to prepare feasibility studies for clients and it’s always a challenge and we also participate in conferences at the European Parliament.

In the last one, my HE was invited to have a speech about European Funds, addressed to all officials from South italian regions.
I’m learning a lot about the main dynamics running “in and out” this company and it’s really interesting how the multitasking competencies are so important.
In order to achive a high proficiency in french language, I’ve also started a french class that I follow two times a week after work.
It allows me to meet new people from all over the Europe and speak french, improving my knowledge in french language. I’m enthusiastic!
After work, I try to exploit every moment to discover the city, the cultural events, and the cities around Bruxelles.
Last week-end I participated to Bright Brussels, a light festival really nice in Brussels. There were a lot of people everywhere in the centre and it was overwhelming.

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I had the chance to go to Bruges also, the “Venice of North” and I was astonished by the beauty of the city, in spite of the chill.
Moreover I went to the Magritte museum, the most famous one in Brussels and it was so nice! But there are many other museums I’m gonna visit next months!
I look forward to starting another rich month full of new challenges and adventures.

Elisa Benetti




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