It was very busy month here: Salvatore was opening cafe in a caravan on wheels, we had a lot of preparation starting from menu planing, staff organisation, visiting all suppliers, getting permissions etc. I was accompanying Salvatore in a lot of meetings and learning all about getting right things for a new place opening, also was very interesting to get to know his team better, everyone here is very different and some people have a special needs. Was interesting to know how to manage everyone to work on stressful events like opening and then set an everyday working routine. I’m glad I was very nicely welcomed here by all and included into many team decisions. I also took responsibility for all plant-related tasks here and very happily teach others how to look after plants around cafe and decorate spaces.

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We also started herb garden and we are almost over with a hardest part – preparation of soil (which in Sicily is full of stones) and just yesterday went on tour through nurseries and ordered plants. By the end of this week hopefully we gonna start planing.

To sum up, everything is going very well, I feel mutual use and even if it was extremely busy first month, I have nothing to complain about. I also slowly learning basic Italian – that the only barrier sometimes.




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