I have arrived on 9th February in Alghero Airport and have been welcomed by my Host Entrepreneur – Alessandro Pinna. In the first week I have been introduced to the work and the members of the company of the HE. Together with the HE we set a concrete plan with my responsibilities and, tasks and activities. We also passed through a discussion of my academic background and professional experience and how these can be combined into starting my own company back home.

In week 3 and 4 I got to know more about the Management of Non-governmental organisations, including financial, legal and general advice and guidelines. I understood the importance of having problem solving and decision making skills when owning my own business and how to sustain it to run as an independent body. Through the work on administrative(reporting of international EU Project “We have the same beat”) and marketing (webpage, twitter) aspects of the company for local and international cooperations I got practical experience and general overview on how the company runs. I worked on an application Capacity Building project “The Global Social Entrepreneur” with Deadline 8th March, which included international partnership with Italy, Poland, Romania, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. We started working on international partnership development, mainly with Latin American (Peru and Ecuador)countries and we planned how I could be involved as much as possible in the practical establishment of the partnerships.

The first month has helped me to develop my professional competences and I am looking forward to the next months.




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