The moment of the first storyboard has come! The first day I started this collaboration experience this moment seemed so far to me!! And, in the end: here we are!!
This first month in the IPN Institute, with Maria Silva and her team was very rich. Maria Silva helped me to be introduced to the daily practices of the Institution and some of her collaborators were kindly available to show me methods, theoretical and practical references of their job.
I spent this tree weeks mainly exploring and getting in contact with the educational activities of the IPN.
I had free access to all courses the Institute offers. I chose some related with the Naturopathy field, with the aim of having a clearer idea of which persons are keen on this sector, which professionals areas they come from and which are their expectations about their future profession.
I had many exchanges with the students attending the 4th and last year of the training in Naturopathy. I wanted to know how they envisage their imminent or future introduction to the professional world as Naturopaths. Many of them still do not have a clear idea of their business plan. Most of them think on sharing a medical office with others practitioners; some others think on offering their services on wellness centers. Just few of them think on trying to collaborate with the public medical system. Even because, it shows it-self not very open to dialogue and cooperation.
No one think on matching training and therapeutical practice (as I do) … this comforts me on the originality of my idea!!
I found out that, more or less, the situation is very close to the one I experienced when I was in France.
I also found out that Therapists coming from Non-Conventional Medicines still need to quarrel to see their profession totally recognized by the public health system (as it happens in many countries in Europe). By the way, as I could see and how people told me, in Portugal, people are keen on this approach to health and a lot of people ask for cares and follow up.
On the day 28th of October, a first public congress has been organized, and me and many others professionals are going to participate to get informed on the situation and the envisaged changes.
Starting from the November 2018, I’ll be introduced to the clinical care center, where I’ll experience the therapeutical relationship, and, as soon as my Portuguese improve, I’ll be allowed to give some in-depth seminars.
This month has been rich and interesting from a social point of view too. I deep on the Portuguese culture and … I felt home!!
Portuguese culture is close to Italian Culture. People “live the city”; I mean that people spend a lot of time out, because of work needs and/or for social exchanges. Terraces, bar, squares, streets welcome a lot of people every day. I acknowledge that the sunny weather helps!! They work until 7pm or 8pm. Later than in France, so, in the street, life goes on until late. This is a good thing to me, because, I can do my shopping without running after job!! It seems a small detail … but it is a worthy detail in everyday life ;-)!! Another thing I taste again here in SUNDAYS!!
I found again the happy/lazy atmosphere of Sundays in Italy. People goes out, walk slowly, wears pretty wears, and match with friends and family to spend a nice moment together.
How no to tell about the city of Lisbon!! Architecture is wonderful and, mainly: colorful! Thanks to the use of small colorful ceramic to decorate the facade of the buildings. It has many parks and gardens spread all over the city where to be restored in sunny days.
But the thing I do love is the Tejo River: a river 20 km wide that seems to be the sea! From whose rivers wonderful sunsets can be enjoyed! With similar views… I feel really inspired to make my professional project grow and evolve.




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