The first month is literally flight and I think is a good thing, it means that I’m using my time here in a right way.

I’m beginning to understand how the things work here and the brewers let me do different kind of activities, from the racking (filling casks) to cleaning the tanks to manage some basilar cellar operations. I have had other two different internship’s experiences in Italy, but I can’t recollect anything about that to this new experience. The colleagues are very patient and helpful to integrate me in the team and they really care about others opinion, different situation in the italian reality.


I’ve been also introduced to the managerial and selling department of the company helping Andrea (one of the four brewer) to work during a craft beer fair in Glasgow called “Glasgow West End Beer Festival 2016”, moreover, I went to the “Glasgow Real Ale Festival” with the Headbrewer of the brewery, Malcom. In these two events I’ve seen a lot of differences towards the Italian market for what concern the clients and the products.


Out of the working experience, I’m beginning to use to the food, the hours of light and the accent of the people (that is very difficult to understand). Plus, the calm and the serenity of the place where I live let me study peacefully.

Until next time

Tommaso Stettler




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