I’ve start my EYE program the 21st of november at the IAC – Centro Arti Integrate (Integrate Arts Center) in Matera – south of Italy.

Their slogan is “Teatro per tutti” (“Theater for all”). They do theatrical laboratories with different type of persons : seniors, youngs, childrens, adolescents…

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One of the project where I’m implicated for two weeks is a laboratory with minors migrants from Africa and Albany. There is also two girls from the city where we made the project. The objective of the laboratory, and also the story of the performance, is to relate their travels to arrive in Italy – inspired by the Odyssee of Ulysse – and their « search for a common approach » (In Cerca di Comune Approdo – the title of the show). I was responsible of the lightning creation, we have made the performance in the city where is the community of migrants, Salandra, not in the structure of the IAC. I also made a video trailer and a poster.  We have do the performance on december 2nd.

Now, we are working on a short video including interviews of the adolescents. The objective of this is to give them a place to explain the difficulties experienced during the show and since they are in Italy, and to relate the discovery of theater. More globally, as well as the show, that give them the opportunity to transmit their messages.




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