I’ve been loving music for more than 15 years now and my dream was to live from it.
I started producing music and understanding how it works later in the years, from that moment I started travelling and I came a few times in Berlin.


Some times ago I met Matteo, a very good guy that is running a small indie record label.
He is pressing limited edition vinyls with artworks and old fashioned flavours.
He is a great music collector and when I proposed him to be my host during my EYE he was very happy to do it.





My first two weeks started in a very good way.
I was able to find a very good room in Neükolln, which is a very nice area to live in.
There is life in the streets and you suddenly feel the energy of young peoples all around you.
I have a german flat mate so I can also practise a bit with German language, that is not easy at all!
I had several meeting with Matteo in which we talked about activities and my contribution to his daily job.
I will help him with the digital media and I also contribute giving him my point of view.


It is hard to run a vinyl only record label nowadays but I will help him to grow doing what he will need.
I like to see how a record label works, the creative and practical processes behind the release of vinyls is very interesting and exciting, now that we have this opportunity I think i twill be a very good experience!




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