During my first few days at the office, I was introduced to some main principles of the office
and current projects.

In the office there are 4 people: Giacomo Garziano, the Host Entrepreneur, two other interns and I. The office itself is very characteristic. It is located on the ground floor of an office building in Amsterdam – Sloterdijk. Currently, two projects are being developed in the office: a residential building in Amsterdam Zeeburgereiland, and an exhibition modular pavilion.

I got acquainted with the current projects, as well as the organization of work. GG-loop has a particular way of archiving digital files on the server. It is very efficient, allows to find files easy, and it is indispensable in an office where you deal with hundreds of documents a day. It is also quite helpful when more than one person is working on the project.

During the first week, I also looked into the way that the office presents itself. The company spends a fair amount of attention and resources to create a good image. Graphic design is very important. Logo and webpage as well as other promotional materials present a high level of graphic design. Even though the office is relatively young, it feels professional and trustworthy thanks to the high presentation level. The company doesn’t stop with promoting
itself only on the internet, but also has a number of different promotional materials like business cards, booklets and mini-magazines. Giacomo spends a lot of effort to ensure the publication of his works in specialist magazines and architectural webpages. His works can be met in “ CASA Vogue ”, “ l’Arca International “, “ Architect+ ” and “Divisare.com” webpage.

These first two weeks were very intense, but it also inspired me to further collaboration. I presented to Giacomo my ideas for the graphical representation of Particles, and during the next weeks I want to focus on developing my business strategy and developing the graphic design of my future company.




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