During the first two weeks, we worked on the detailed plan of the relationship and we start knowing each
First of all, I was introduced to the team of the HE in a small presentation, where I had the occasion to present myself and my experiences. During this first meeting we had the occasion to talk about what is architecture for us and what should architects do in our society.
The HE, the other partners and the Team presented to me in general the way of working of the office, how
they are organized and how they organized their work.

The main topics of these two weeks are:
– The organization of the team. Which is the best way to structure the office, which is the best way
to keep the motivation high in the collaborators and how it is possible to make a team with a good
relationship. This topic is complicated but the most important aspect is to invest time and money in
activities useful for the consolidation of the team. For example: trips, activities, events, social dinner.
– The organization of the work. A general explanation of the architectural phases in Austria. In
particular, the best way to arrange the work and to distribute it to the team. How to know which are
the most useful collaborator at the right time, how to organize the trainers, how to organize the
different teams.
– Work instruments. How to recognize the best instruments to start the business. Which are the
best program to use? On what should the office invest?
– Identifications of the goals. How to set clear goals for a company and how to achieve them.
– Services to offer. Not only architecture. Nowadays it is important to offer not only architecture but
also other services and products. For example as photography and visualizations.
– The market. How to insert the office in the market. Research and analysis of the city and the region
are the base of the process.
– Communication. In the world of the architects, the communication is one of the aspects that help
an architect to grow. How to communicate with the investors, with the clients and with collaborators.
– The strategy. Every year it is important to do a three years financial projection to understand how
everything is going on and which are the next step to do.




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