Thanks to Erasmus for young entrepreneur programme I was able to move to Rotterdam to work for
2by4architects. I arrived in Rotterdam on the 4th of January and right the day after I visited the office for the first time, I was received by my HE Remko Remijnse who showed me the office and introduced me to other employees and within the same day I had a good knowledge of the working process in the office: computers setup, folders and files order and main projects I was going to work in these first weeks.

I work from Monday to Friday from 9.00 till 17.30, sometimes more when it’s needed for deadlines, but the working environment is relaxed and generally pleasant.

The first projects I’m working on these weeks are:

  • a complex of 100 small recreational houses in a sea town in the Netherlands;
  • a 400 m2 penthouse in the very centre of Rotterdam.
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The first project is very challenging because it requires to have all the functions needed for living in a very small space. This gave me the first opportunity to show my design skill and I had the first approach with new standards, building rules and cost calculation.
I was present when my boss met the clients and I’m working on every phase of the design with my
colleagues: 2d, 3d, rendering for presentation, calculation of costs, preparation of the presentation

The second project is still in early phases but for me is something I never tried: to build an entire new floor to be a penthouse above a residential building right in the middle of Rotterdam with an incredible view towards every point of interest of the city.

I went with my boss and colleagues to the meeting with the client and collected info about the general
client’s idea and suggestions and in the end we went directly on the building that is gonna host the
penthouse to make pictures and figure out how to approach to the site. I attached some pictures made on
the place.

For the rest I worked on some older projects for little fixes or modifications, but I feel like everything is very useful for my experience.




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