We have arrived at the end of this important experience. First of all, the conclusion of this period of exchange represents a first moment of evaluation of my personal goals and a point of view of this nascent cooperation wth
Mr.Nicolella. For these three months of EYE, we had a strong activity plan:
a) supporting potential clients and customers in European project’s proposals;
b) analysing if this experience will give us a future opportunities of business;
c) promoting our consultancy service at international level through new models, professional websites and social networks involved in these activities, etc.

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I am sure that our ambitious project have been realized, at least in part, for the potential impact on our collaboration and on my personal career development. Through this experience, i have improved my language skills, legal and administrative knowledge of European procedures, etc., and as most important consideration, Mr. Nicolella has been very present and collaborative mentor. The most important aspect for me, in the period of EYE, has been to understand processes, to acquire informations and other tasks of the work with a strong motivation and a continuous perspective of improvement of my personal competences. About my Erasmus project, i believe that my previous experiences as consultant in different projects for SMEs and Public Bodies, and my professional skills in the field (business plans – budget analysis – legal and economic audits, etc.) have been a positive value for the process of
development of the project, as the most important role of the host enterpreneur, who has given me a big impulse for each task of this programme. In general, this experience have permitted to develop transferable skills and to encrease my flexibility and criticism about my potential role of enterpreneur. It has been a strong opportunity to improve my talent and competences in an international environment.

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This important opportunity represents a remarkable way to improve my skills, also through learning courses (Advanced Management – English/French courses), which i partecipated in these months. I believe that it could be important to improve my language competences and other professional aspects. It’s my first purpose to achieve my personal goals in a strenght coherency with the Erasmus mission. Many thanks for the opportunity to partecipate to this
exchange to the Erasmus for young enterpreneurs Programme (www.erasmusentrepreneurs.eu), to my intermediary Organization (www.materahub.com) for its important role and support, to mr. Paolo Montemurro as project manager of Matera Hub, helpful and professional and to mr. Nicolella (www.mario.nicolella.com), as Host enterpreneur, as mentor and competent and proactive partner of this “little adventure” and “future initiatives”.




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