That’s the view of Largo Santos; it’s the last day in Nuno Mateus’s atelier.
During the final days I refined my businesses idea about sustainable small houses and  I did a sort of debriefing session with Nuno.

There’s more a lot of work to do to optimize my entrepreneurship but, with the help of my engineer partner who will share the businesses, I hope that we will open the our practice soon.

I think that Nuno was the best host entrepreneur that the new one could meet: he has founded an horizontal young community of collaborators that it is growing up in a good way.

I close my Lisbon’s experience with a great optimism and exiting for my future businesses and I would like to recommend Nuno as the best host entrepreneur for EYE exchange.

Thank you so much to the two IOs (MateraHub and Anje) for being a good a guide in this experience.




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