This month we focussed on two main areas.
We reviewed his business year 2018 and he talked me through his approach to setting targets and focus areas for 2019. Both were a very helpful exercises and I have used the opportunity to work out a plan for myself for 2019. Setting realistic goals and targets that will enable me to be more efficient and professional in my approach to run my own business.
In line with this review, my second focus area this month, has been my new website that I am planning on launching at the beginning of the new year.
In order to create a competitive and professional website I needed professional photographs of my webshop products, which I was able to take this month. Rene coached me in this process and together with my own extensive research I was able to push the progress forward significantly.

Next month will be final period of my mentorship exchange with Rene Siebum here in Eindhoven. I am very grateful for Rene’s patience and generosity in sharing his knowledge and experiences and can only highly recommend the Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs exchange programme to anyone that is starting out with their own business. It has been a fantastic learning experience and opportunity to connect.




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