During the first ten days of December Lyon is transformed: the Festival of Lights draws millions of visitors. Local people, stressed by these large numbers, often prefer to stay at home or participate marginally. The city seems empty and full at the same time: empty because there are off-limits areas for pedestrians and other off-limits areas for cars. Full because tourists are conveyed in confined paths and obliged to follow the same direction. This urban trend is also found in tea shop: at times is quiet, in other moments a big number of customer arrive all together, like in a meeting.

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There are those who take advantage of the Festival for protesting ( public transport services are on strike since 2 weeks already) and there are those who take advantage for anticipating their Christmas gifts and comes to visit us. We are preparing many varieties of gift ideas for all tastes and budgets, as well as preparing personalized packages. Last Sunday, my host was at  the local Christmas market with her products. My exchange is about to end, the hard work has only just begun.




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