These weeks were full of “what if-s”: what if he has this kind of hair? What if he has these shoes? What if he has this magic power?


Inventing a character, his personality and peculiarities is not an easy job. Well, this is one of the main tasks I had to do for these weeks in order to understand the characters that are going to be the protagonist of the production series we are starting to do with my host entrepreneur.


In this regard, as a director primarily, my HE is giving me useful advices and lessons from a dramaturgical point of view as basis to build a good concept for a cartoon series. There are rules and schemes to follow in order to create it properly.

Meanwhile we are building the right financial and time planning according to the number of episodes we are going to create. All these to be ready to pitch it to professionals in the upcoming animation events in Autumn.

The pre-production phase is on the way. In the upcoming weeks we will have a clearer vision of the project.

Till next time then.




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