Today, I will describe what I have done during the last 25 days. As I told you in my last publication, I devote all my time to achieve eight Virtual Reality Applications for CNH Industrial. Thus, I succeeded to finish those applications two days before the deadline.

On 29th of May, I performed my first professional auditorium on my live. This auditorium is presented by managers and engineers to study the feasibility regarding some future projects. They invited Experts and External managers mainly to validate this feasibility. What a glad day to see managers, engineers and Experts astounded when they discern this powerful tool during my presentation. My gladness was maximal when I receive a valuable feedback from an external expert after he tried one of my VR application.

The plant manager said that there is a possibility to collaborate with me next October to perform a new project.

Just four days after this Historical day, Magneti Marelli wants to create a VR application for training. It consists to simulate a three operations of a new manufacturing line for operators, it’s a sort of holistic and gamified application mainly to coach users to assemble an electric engine. I visited the plant on 6th of June to understand their requirements and needs.
Now, I’m still working on that project till the-Magneti Marelli- auditorium day.




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