Hello Erasmus for Young Entreprenuers,

how is going?

I’m writing from Eindhoven for describing my Erasmus Entrepreneur experience In the InnoSporLab. We already know my tasks and issues, but I want to sum up all very quickly: I’m working with a international team for trying to improve the performance of athletes for get more change to win a medal in the next Olympic Games In Rio De Janiero. Principally we manage the Lab, we handle all the issues relative the economy of the company and we are trying to develop an idea for working together in the future.

We did a lot of steps forward for getting new contacts to establish a new collaboration in Spain, precisely we are looking for new devices to measure the strength during the training. The idea is to connect the water training with the ground training, in this manner the scientist can work together for improve the performance of the athletis.

The atmosphere in the office continue to follow the good way, we improve every day and the work is stimulated and requests dedication ; now principally I’m doing research and I try to get in contact with scientist for choosing the best devices ; in the same time I’m helping the HE to succeed in his issues and for managing in a properly way the Lab.

In this two months I’m really growing , I’m not afraid to fail, in other way I don’t want to give up and I can fight for what I want to succeed.

Otherwise now I’m abroad and in the eyes of the others it’s like “lucky boy”, but nobody ask me (what do you give up for living your experience?), for the same reason I want to succeed in my issues and I want to put the maximum effort in this.

Thanks a lot Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs!




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