It’s all quiet at work. Everything proceeds as usual.
In these two last weeks we received several orders and prepared invoices and fabrics for customers.
Our last Italian intern left and came back to Italy. He finished his internship. We worked well together. It is a pity when someone goes away.
Anyway, one day I went for the first time to Scabal’s headquarters because I had to pick up a fabric for a customer. I was surprised when I saw the place. A majestic locked down building like a safe with a lot of cameras around it and inside. It looks like a government building or something like that. Very interesting and weird experience.
For the rest, we are working to launch on the market our new shoemaker who we have presented at the event The taste of Bespoke.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4954,4955,4956,4957,4958,4959,4960″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never”] We are deciding the strategies to be done, how promote this new product and create the promotion set to be presented to customers, which type of catalogues, manage the pricelists and everything would be necessary, in agreement to our partner.
In addition, we are starting to make an online page on our website to promote our recurring event. I have already written the introduction text to present it by myself and my boss was enthusiastic about it. So, we are proceeding with the rest.
During the first weekend I visited Antwerp, one of the most important cities of Flanders. I saw the beautiful Grote Markt, the main square, in which you can see the Guild houses, the Antwerp City Hall, and the statue of Brabo in the middle.

The Cathedral of Our Lady is a pearl of Gothic style, the tallest building of the city and contains several significant paintings by the Baroque painter Rubens as well as works by other artists. I visited it inside and it was wonderful.
In the next weekends I am going to do other trips in the rest of Flanders.




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