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My life at Extreme Ireland is great! I feel like a part of the team…

Weeks are passing really quickly! It is already 8 weeks I am here doing my EYE!
Maybe because I am so busy…For 3 days I am in the back office at Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin 8, just next to the Guinness Storehouse; once a week I am in the front office in College Green, in front of the Trinity College and quite once a week I am on tour!

I went to the Blarney Castle Blarney Castle And Gardens & Cork Tour last week with the others 2 American interns and it was great to have their company! Of course we were on secret mission, exploring a bit of South of Ireland, the Blarney Castle and one of Ireland’s 7 Wonders: Rock of Cashel!

Blarney Castle And Gardens

The tour are amazing!

dublin1 dublin2

The drivers are such good guides! They know everything, history, mythology, traditional songs (and they sing them as well!), arts! It is incredible! Maybe it will be hard to find such good drivers in Italy, because they just drive, and there is always a guide in the bus.

My day in the front office is totally different…

I usually stay there from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with an hour of break. I have done 2 training days with Mafe, a sweet and professional Venezuelan girl working since 2 years in the company. She showed me how to do the tours bookings, we are selling other companies tours as well, how to do tickets for city tours (the hop on hop off one, for example) and giving information about Dublin and its attractions.

And that is what I am doing there.

I couldn’t be in a better place! This is the best experience for an entrepreneur in tourism branch!

I hope to stay with them for the maximum period allowed by the EYE.




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