….And here I am, after a month in Dublin, writing from this great company back office, Extreme Ireland, surrounded by fantastic colleagues, that make me feel home!

And this is the way I imagine my own company, like a friend’s place, where you have “craig” (as they say in Celtic language) while working, where there aren’t timetables, where everybody does his best to join the target, where the boss is not the classic Italian style one, above the staff…

So, as I said, I started to go once a week, on Friday, to the front office in College Green. The company lives from what they sell, above all. There’s an International atmosphere there, not only for customers, but for staff too. I went on a sightseeing tour (I have to know the city to give good information to tourists), went inside two museums, went to the huge Guinness Storehouse, and stayed a bit to the front desk… I liked it a lot! Well, it is training for me, too! I have to know how to manage public exigencies and give to customers the best attendance.

Last week the Sales Manager gave me two secret missions on day tour buses. I have been on the Giant’s Causaway Tour and on Celtic Boyne Valley one. Amazing! Secret because I bought my ticket from the drivers, saying them I was a student..and as I seem younger, they believed me!


Giant’s Causaway


Celtic Boyne Valley

Great tours both! I am discovering this breathtaking country with Irish Day Tours! I think their success is due to the simply but professional attitude they have, with a big attention to clients comfort. The drivers/guides work a lot, in a really professional way, singing and smiling all the time! They explain Ireland’s history without boring tourists! It is not easy… I have never seen something similar!!




The day after I wrote my report, my Italian blog and my English one, and now I am learning from the Marketing manager how to promote the company on social media in the best way.


Irish Day Tours


Irish Day Tours


Irish Day Tours










I started to contact Italian tour operators, trying to co-operate with them (Keith, asked me to expand the Italian market), and I already get one selling our Day Tours in Italy!

I feel satisfied!

After a year searching for a good Host Entepreneur, I got the best one for me! ( Thanks to Paolo Montemurro, who suggested it to me!)

See you soon,



Delia Martiradonna




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