My name is Delia, 31, Italian.
I’m doing my EYE in Dublin, Ireland, at Extreme Ireland.

Extreme Ireland
It is a touristic company, that organizes different kind of tours, day tours, adventure tours, walking tours, international tours and mountain skills.
I started 10 days ago by having a look of the 2 tourist offices they have in the city centre and a tour in their Whiskey Museum with my boss. But I am doing my EYE in the back office, where everything is organized.
I like a lot the company staff, they are professional but friendly and nice with clients and do their job with passion, as they were the owners of it!
Now I am focused to the daily tours around the four corners of Ireland, such as Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway, Cork, Belfast and so on… and, of course, I will try everyone of them!

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My purpose is to have a 360 degrees knowledge about daily tours and try to export their perfect model to my area.
Last week I tried the tour to the Cliffs of Moher, the most famous place in Ireland, but we stopped in different places, so carefully handpicked for their historical, natural and culture importance! Cliffs of Moher And the driver, who was our guide too, shocked me! He was so dabster about myths and legends of every place we stopped and so nice, he sang while driving the bus!!
And the day after I had to write a report to the boss and to write a blog online, both in English and Italian.
Well, apart from being a spy, I am learning more about tourism marketing skills here. Writing the blog, having my ItaIian Facebook page of Irish Day Tours (and please, like it!), co-working with the Marketing Manager. I am doing some translations of the web site and yesterday I wrote a trekking tour!!
The best way to learn is to practice!

Once a week, starting from tomorrow, I have to stay in the front office, too. I asked to do it. I would like to learn the know-how about managing ticket sales, offers, give different kind of information, in different languages…
I will tell you…





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