In the 3rd and 4th weeks we talked about “How to make decisions”. We used the 3D approach: Decision = Define + Discuss + Determine. That’s an important role in an Architectural Business.

The first step to decision making is to define the problem statement. When trying to address a problem, we all tend to deviate towards addressing the secondary problems eventually drifting away from the original problem. Focus entirely on the original problem for which you need to make a decision. Focusing becomes easier when you define your problem clearly and discard all other secondary problems that distract you.

Running an architectural practice is a teamwork. Thus, taking a team into the decision making process is one of the key to implementing that decision later. Collect all the required information to form ideas and generate directions. Discuss all possibilities with teams, evaluating both pros and cons. Articulate a point of view as well as understand others’ points of view. Mark areas of agreement. Do not deviate from the problem, but be open to new ideas. Discussion is incredibly powerful in terms of opening up new possibilities and solutions to the problem.

The “Determine” stage is when your decision-making skill, whether rational or intuitive, is put to test. Determine your decision. Be firm in your decision and communicate the logic behind this decision to others. Stand behind your decision and implement it. 3D is a powerful and a compelling approach that helps you reach to a conscious decision. Factors like knowledge, intuition, experience, entrepreneurial skill, scientific training and management training play an important role in facilitating the decision making process.


Johanna Aufner - Bruno Melis