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During the first 2 weeks of EYE at Alles Wird Gut, we started to develop different topics about Business planning. We learnt that Architecture is not just a profession, but also a professional business. In addition, like every business, it needs a business plan. During our frontal sessions I learnt how  to plan a business of Architectural practice.

The past weeks we mainly focused on:

  • How to communicate with investors, potential clients, future employees and well-wishers. One of the main aspects is the Communication. We spent a lot of time on this topic, pointing out the steps for the right Architect’s behavior
  • Company’s goals. The short and long-term goals for the company. Setting the right goals and objectives is a step that most companies fail to prioritize. Set goals for a company, such that they are clear, simple and measurable.
  • The management team. Architects no longer work in isolation. They work as a team and offer many more services than before. I understood the importance of Architectural Management.
  • Service or Product to offer. How the product or service has to differ from everything else on the market.
  • Studying the Market. Research and analysis, location / region, market size to offer Office’s services.
  • A Marketing Strategy. How to write a successful marketing strategy suitable to the services to offer.
  • Two-Three years financial projection. Summary of the financial forecasts with documents, balance sheets, income statements and cash-flow projections for the entire forecast period.
  • The Exit Plan. What to do in case of financial loss, loss of interest in the practice or other reasons. How to take this step positively and plan it gracefully. We talked about “the Backup plan”.



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