Europa Beratung Berlin (EBB) office is near the Wall. The Headquarter is in Mitte, in the former East side of Berlin. EBB is a lab for social project. You understand immediately talking with the Managing Director Christine Müller.

The atmosphere is calm and active in the same time. Christine starts to talk with her fluently English about Europa Beratung work and I understand immediately that the Erasmus exchange is what I think when I was planning it: an opportunity to grow, a challenge, something that could open new perspective to my entrepreneurial idea.
We use to discuss walking near the former Wall. A barrier that doesn’t still exist but is still present in every side of the city. Barrier that no one want to come back. You could perceive this in every new social project developed in the city.


EBB mainly work in vocational training projects and support local proactive association in European programme application form process.

Christine for the second week has planned my involvement in a Job shadowing exchange with EBB Austrian partners (STVG of Graz). We spend these days listening several stories, sharing business model and meeting people working in the vocational training sector in the city. I had also the opportunity to discuss and present my work with people of the Berlin Senate for Education and Young (Senatsverwaltung fur Bildung, Jugend und Wissenschaft).
The visit included also brainstorming sessions with local social entrepreneurs. We talked about urban development project as in the case of Nenoma that work in the multicultural district Neukölln.


Christine always introduce me and ask to be part of the group discussion by giving the opportunity to talk about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and the work of my project Start Europe!

I have talked with the people also about the project in Sicily for the social cooperative in which I am partner: Bond Of Union. People here seems really interested in listening and sharing idea specially with a local development approach. I think they understand the power of networking and Berlin is open to new experience in social project. We start to plan the network and I start to understand the business model of EBB. Work in progress and Idea is coming!




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