The love for the arts, for animation and tradition are the reasons that led me to choose Budapest as destination of my adventure has just begun.

Yes, in these two weeks I got to see the Hungarian capital in its facets as a city in the Eastern Europe with an increasingly profound “Western Europe” influence: it can be seen in its urban design, in its young people and in general feeling.


So, immersed in these significant changes, I started my first day with my host entrepreneur. We immediately started to talk about my project related to kids entertainment, presenting an idea that wants to be concrete. I showed the stage of my project that wants to embrace different media industries, in particular animation.


My host entrepreneur and his company deals with filmmaking and animation. I would like to get a number of skills from this experience to better understand the world of film production.


My host and I will plan many things in this regard in the upcoming weeks. I am confident and also lucky because on one hand there is the professionality of an experienced company, and on the other there is the big dreamer who wants to create value as an entrepreneur.

Well, that’s all from Budapest right now.





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