Before talking about the experience of these first two weeks of work, I would like to say something about the city in which I decided to do my EYE program: Bucharest.


This metropolis has approximately 1,883,425 inhabitants, classifying it as the tenth most populous city in Europe. I think it is unnecessary to say that this is a place of great contrasts: those who have heard about Romania know that the level of social and economic inequality is very high. This aspect is more evident here in Bucharest.
Leaving out anything else negative that can be seen at first sight, by living in this capital it is really possible to breathe innovation and culture and have the feeling of standing on a surfboard and ride the wave of development.

Alexandru Marian AndreettoI work in the heart of the city, in a modern office at Innova Consulting Srl, a business consulting firm made up of a Romanian woman and an Italian man, indisputable advantage for those who are located across Europe and don’t know the language or they never practiced it professionally, like in my case.

I’ve been working here for almost three weeks and during the initial period my Host entrepreneur showed me the general aspects of the company’s core business. Moreover I was really pleased that he involved me in the projects dealt by the company, giving me the responsibility for some aspects of corporate communication and desk studies, analyzing and producing documents in Romanian and English.

In addition, thanks to him, I had the opportunity to identify my technical deficiencies of key applications in business management and fill my gaps. I consider this experience very positive, especially because I see the opportunity to develop an analytical vision and to acquire basic tools that will improve my professional profile.

Greetings from Bucuresti, LA REVEDERE.




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