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First two weeks

During the first two weeks my HE gave me a picture of their core business and he gave me some tasks to better understand my role in this experience. In particular Gaetano gave me examples and best practices to make me more confident in managing a certain kind of information. What I noticed since the beginning is that in this field it’s foundamental to read thousand of papers and to be always updated. Consultancy is a really hard market, but I decided to do the best and I’ll go to the end of this experience! Never give up!

First six weeks

Do you know? After all, three months could be enought: EYE program gave you the essential time to acquire the confidence to understand what internationalization means. Throught the tasks that Gaetano gave me, which are not deferring too much from the previous month, I’m getting used with romanian lenguage from an upper level. I’m starting to read society in a certain way and to target my messages. I’m looking forword to be a free enterpreneur.

First 10 weeks

My EYE experience is almost finished, but not yet! With this mood I’m working hardly to put in practice what I learned until this moment: I’m writing two different European Projects. That’s incredibile: I acquired the tools and, what is more important, I know how to reach a goal and how to make it real. Surely this experience gave me many question marks about my future, but at the same time is giving me the most important answer: what do I want to do in my life? I want to Create! And I have no doubt I can do better than many other people, my future competitors.






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