Dear everyone,
first of all I want to introduce myself: my name is Alejandra Pèrez Nùñez, I’m a Spanish interior designer that moved to Copenhagen in August 2015, thanks to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. I’m passionate about design, architecture and art, and I always try to find new and fresh things to do wherever I am.

The first thing that I thought when I moved here was: How will it be living here? There will be interesting things to do?

Well, to my surprise there are, and a lot. Copenhagen, despite of the size of the city, has a huge amount of things going on. From Summer to Winter you can keep doing things outdoor and  indoor and enjoy the city in a different way.

This time I want to talk about two new exhibitions that I’ve just visited and had many expectations from everybody because of its importance: MINDCRAFT ’15 and the world famous YAYOI KUSAMA.

MINDCRAFT’15 is an exhibition that some of you maybe had the opportunity to discover in Milan during the famous design week. This exhibition is the winner of the Milano Design Award, that is given during the celebration of the fair, so my expectations were really high.

It’s located in the Designmuseum and here we can see 14 selected works from Danish leading designers and craftmen (Henrik Vibskov, Jacob Wagner, Halstrøm-Odgaard, etc.)  and it’s curated by the Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi. The exhibition idea is to show the area between mind and craft in Danish design and craftmanship: on one hand the experimenting, innovative and conceptual design, and in the other hand artistic skills and craft-oriented design.

When you enter the room, a mirrored floor in a white space with quiet and relaxing music envelops you, creating a whole atmosphere. The art pieces are caged in a symbolic way: they are half covered by cages but completely opened to the visitor, giving the feeling that you can enjoy them perfectly but you know that you can’t touch them. In my opinion, some of the pieces didn’t reflect that idea of crafty design and the space could have been treated in another way, so that the pieces will stand out much more (as it happened in Milan), but in a global point of view is an exhibition that I really recommend  if you are visiting Copenagen.

Here you can see some pictures of the exhibition:

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The other one is the exhibition of YAYOI KUSAMA, with INFINITY THEORY.

Louisiana Museum of Modern ArtThe Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is presenting the first retrospective exhibition ever of Kusama in Scandinavia. Here you can experience an unusually fascinating artist and her boundless universe.
The Louisiana Museum is located outside of Copenhagen, in Humlebæk, it’s around an hour way by train, but definetly is woth it to go and visit.
Situated right next to the sea, with the forest on the other side, it’s the perfect spot for a sunny Sunday with friends and family.
You can enjoy a great museum and wonderful views of the sea, chilling in green and fresh areas.



The exhibition is located in the south wing of the museum and on show there are early works from post-war Japan, groundbreaking painting, sculptures and films from New York in the 1960s, examples of her interest in fashion and design, and both early and recent installations.
A journey through six decades of changing expression, in which Kusama remains true to the same themes and representations, and in which colors, patterns, and aggregations testify to her fascination with the infinite.
It’s a complete and extensive exhibition where you can interact with Kusama’s art but unfortunatly (and it happens every time that a famous artist is exhibiting) you will enjoy it better if you are alone. Last Sunday for exemple, when I decided to go there, I guess that half Copenhagen though the same. So long and slow queues stopped me to enjoy the full experienece of Kusama’s world, and you really can feel the difference when you have your time to delight yourself and enter the thoughts of the artist or you have someone there around counting how many minutes you can spend enjoying and understanding what you are watching.
Despite of that fact, I have to say that the installations are impressive, you can really feel a part of the masterpices and everything is on detail . Proof of this are the wonderful pictures that I took:

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