I am more and more enthusiastic about this experience, this city, everything that happens to me every day, about the people I know. I feel that I am culturally and better enriched.
Andalusia is a fantastic region full of open people capable of transmitting a lot of positive energy.
n the company I am more and more involved. The people I work with every day are capable people and do their job impeccably; the company offers work to almost 400 people and my “colleagues” are able to manage and coordinate all of them and not only; in fact they deal with the management of all the services that the company offers both from an educational and an animation point of view.

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In these weeks I am dealing with the training of staff in particular I am making a selection of the securities held, the year of issue of securities and securities not held. All this in view of the training courses that the company has planned to organize, probably in February.
This is a job that requires time and concentration given the number of people involved. Work that is making me understand how important it is to be meticulous in looking for a certain type of training in the staff, which is essential to come into contact with such a delicate environment as that of children.

I leave you with the wish of a wonderful day.

See you soon.