Time is passing by so quickly that I did not even realise I got to the 8th week of my E.Y.E. Program.

This month has been a very reflective one. At the beginning I have been through the study of Hydrogeology and ground gases, and how they could affect the redevelopment of a site. This has been quite useful to understand how to interpret the things that I see on a brownfield.

I had the chance to see some of the most important projects on which the company is involved, one of which is a huge development plan around the area of Kent Science Park. U.K. is in a great need of housing and redevelopment plans to enhance the number and but the quality of residential areas, so it is quite easy to find huge development plans such this one. This has been the first time I saw what a ‘multidisciplinary planning action’ is: in this development plan are involved architect, environmental consultancy, figures that are involved in heritage and archaeological issues, estate agents, and people who are involved in ecological matters too.

It has been useful witnessing Giacomo Maini’s speech at the summer event of the company.
It has been food for thought hearing how he and his colleagues put back into safe waters the company, taking hard decisions and working hard trying to keep high working standards with few resources. This made me really think about how a company should work to have a good revenue to allow the business to thrive.

I also got in touch with other branches to the company, and both with Environmental claims and Research and remediation I have been surprised to see how important the representation and the visualization of acrions can be, according to the requests of the client.

I think that this is going to be the only reflective period during my Erasmus at Ecologia, because maybe new important projects are going to start. And let’s hope that by then Heat wave would be gone, because it has been quite difficult to work with this hot weather.
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