Good morning everyone!
Here we are for the last report from Athens!
Time passed so quickly and four months have literally vanished like a snowman on a beach in Rio. I guess this is a very good thing, because when time runs like this, it means that you enjoyed yourself. I really did, I had fun, I worked and, most important, I learned.

I wanted to work in a record label because my plan for the future is to create and run my own record label and what happened here? Eventually yes, I worked with a record label but also in a video production company. Quite unexpectedly I learned entire new profession! This 360° witnessing of the creative sector showed what is like this kind of work nowadays, with all the troubles and the needs that have to be faced on a daily routine.

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Now that it’s almost over I can say that this experience has been really important because it was the first time that I had the chance to work in an environment such as one I always wished for. I met extraordinary people that taught me the basics and that appreciated my contribution.
Looking at the future now, I still see myself as an entrepreneur and I am more confident about my goals. Most of all, I know now that there is someone I can ask if I need help or advice. For a prudent person like me, that values carefully every action before deciding to go for it, this is priceless. Who knows then, it may be wonderful to cooperate for some project if there will be the chance.
Now I look also at the business plan I wrote at the beginning and I’m sure I’m going to change it or maybe write a completely new one, facing the reality has been so relevant and so inspiring. I had new ideas about the development of my entrepreneurial plan but I’m also aware that I have to improve other skills.
What’s more important is that this was just the beginning and there is still a lot to learn and to work for.
Cheers and good luck to all the entrepreneurs of the future!




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