Hello everyone!!

Last efforts before the final deliveries. The whole office is working hard, taking care about every single detail of the building. The project requires lots of energies but we are very stimulated because we are living an amazing experience: we saw the building raising, from the first line to the last balustrade, the last plinth. And this is something impressive that I owe it so much because it represents the stepping stone for my career and what I aimed before starting this experience!

This, my report about the last two bi – weekly.

04/12 – 17/12

New goals for the next two weeks: working on the exteriors and deliver all the drawings concerning the elevations (from the concept to the detail).
At the beginning of the studies, we worked on all the elements covering the facades and related to the windows, the doors, and so on. The composition of the building is not easy and we really worked hard on searching rules in order to manage all the drawings. Once we did it, we started drawing all the elevation working piece by piece. We drew all the elements and we learned how to do it respecting the materials, working on the distances between them and how to avoid cracks made by the thermal dilatation.
At the end, we studied an efficient way to put all the dimensions and everything related to the details in order to make the drawings readable for the builders.
We worked really hard on it, spending lot of time and concentration, but we prepared all the package and we delivered everything.

18/12 – 06/01

During this bi – weekly period, we were more focused on the 3d of the elevations and in all the general rewievs about the plans, sections and details of the whole building. The aim is to finish everything in order to close the final phase once and for all.
In a first step we took all the drawings we made the previous weeks and we updated all the 3D adding the facades, the skins, the frames, the balustrades. We checked the materials, the textures and that everything was coherent with the 2D. Once finished ( and after a so pleasant break because of christmas holidays !) we started to check all the plans, the sections and we updated everything according to the engineer drawings. We worked also in the water collection sistem, studying the position of the pipes and the rules to collect the water, working on the slopes of the concrete slabs. We checked all the system several times and once fixed, we put it on the general plans, we prepared the final layout and we permanently closed with the last phase

…so, I’ll update you in the next report!!

Thanks for your attention …enjoy!!