Here I am again in London for the last two months of this great experience with the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.
A little late. I had the flu. I’m in London in a special period, Christmas and New Year.
London is beautiful. Full of lights and energy. It will be difficult to work and concentrate on the job.
But I concentrated and this month I worked a lot. The aim is to work on the Erasmus Plus Program to acquire as much as possible. This program is fundamental to the realization of my business idea.
I have studied, together with my colleagues and under the guidance of Michela Ferrara, the new Erasmus plus 2019 program. In particular: the three key actions and related priorities. A 341-page document that has worked hard for me. Many were meetings and exchanges with colleagues and moments of study with Michela Ferrara.
We decided to work to present at least two projects concerning the inclusion of migrants related to key 2.
This priority does not represent exactly what I would like to deal with my business idea, but it allows me to try my hand with a design structure that is among the most complex and complete of Erasmus plus. It allows me to test myself. And that’s what I wanted and it’s the reason for this extension of experience here in London. Once the first project has been realized, it will become a point of reference for the others. NICOLA will also present projects on key 1 and even these projects will be for me points of reference for the future.
Not just work but also holidays in a sparkling London. Although I have been far from my city (Naples), where Christmas is so beautiful, I have not been alone. NICOLA has become a family for me.




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