The technical drawings for the Glasshouse have been completed. The studies continue on the second building which has more complex forms.

The goal of these weeks was to define the quantities of materials and the possible cost of the building through the help of the Revit software.

We are trying to optimize the execution work by listing the parts and components, paying attention to the dimensioning and transport of the components.

We are also working on a series of technical details to be proposed as an alternative to the construction company. These details concern the foundations (which will also be discussed with the engineers), the joints between beam and pillars, and the asymmetric connections of the external cladding panels.
In the next weeks we will work on the insertion of water and sanitary systems.

Having new members in the design team and having to place the two new buildings on the siteplan for the permits documents, we came to the place of the future buiding side.
We checked all the dimensions and we oriented the building on the right place. We spoke with the costumer about the future phases and the cost of the costructions.

it was a very interesting experience: working on a building on a screen and then starting to imagine it really localized in one place.
Imagine being able to walk and see the landscape that will be seen from the windows that we are drawing and changing every day.

The landscape of this place and, in general, the landscape of Finland is extraordinarily beautiful. Forests, lakes and infinite fields.

We ended this fantastic day of work collecting mushrooms and preparing a magnificent risotto!




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