Hello people and Merry Christmas!!!!
Right now I’m writing you from my hometown, where I came to spend Christmas vacation with my family and with my friends, before going back to Greece and face the last month at the record label.

The previous days have been really busy because before the holidays I had to meet several musicians to talk about their promotion and gather material in order to make it better. It was nice because I met some of them for the first time. Thanks to this experience I realized that in music business it is really important to meet face to face the people you will be working with because it is not just the music that is involved but first of all there is the person, the human being. If one day I will succeed in having my own record label I will definitely publish only the artists that I will meet like this, there has to be a common understanding of music and a shared vision of the whole business. After all this is something that I believe applies in many other sectors.

In January I will also meet other musicians with whom I have been talking through mail and phone.
Beyond that there are a couple of colleagues working with the beatbox documentary and soon we shall have a teaser. The editing process will take longer, also because there are many hours of video to be watched.
For January we also hope to start officially with the ebook and audiobook project and release officially the first ones.

Last, but not the least, and maybe the most important news of the month: one of the musicians publishing with us is printing right now some physical copies of his last record and soon they will be available in the shops in Greece and online for worldwide selling! It was totally unexpected but eventually a sponsor offered to help and here we go now!
That was it for this year, I wish you all the best for these holidays and a fantastic new year, see you by then!!!




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