These last weeks have been really full of activities since my last report.

I could say that the main task has been my assignment in the team work for an European Project application, I‘ve never worked in that specific phase of an EU project and it has been extremely compelling for me to become aware of this side of a project. I can’t say I would be able to bear the brunt of this kind of admin-management job, considering also the complexity to manage informations from several partners from as many European countries, and the consequential deadline stress, but surely I consider it a consistent learning experience.

Although working on the application of an European Project is not my crush, I love to work, without a doubt, on the projects implementation and delivery. Currently I’m involved in two European Projects with the role of peer mentor, both of them are addressed to disadvantaged young people and implicate the Cultural and Creative Sector, art and creative practices, such as the mentoring to support these people.In the first project I mentioned we are in the pilot phase, being supervised and trained as mentors to support disadvantaged young people aged 14-24 in developing vocational transversal skills and enhancing their employability through creative, non formal learning in unconventional spaces. I’ve also attended the international meeting here in London where all the partners from other European countries shared their practices and planned upcoming activities. It has been such an enriching experience for me.For the other project that just started we are on the “engagement” phase, as my main assignment  these weeks I planned and attended the first meeting with a first group of young people. I really love this project that involves the theme of hate speech and discriminatory behaviour towards migrants and aims to engage teenagers in teams to tackle it through arts and creative campaigns.

I’ve set up and delivered two shooting sessions for two clients of my host.I and my HE agreed to add the photo shooting sessions to the other services my HE use to provide. I was in charge of the work management, we have start with two clients but it is meant to be a current service in the future. In delivering that I managed the initial briefings with each client, understanding their needs and setting the props. After that I delivered the shooting, providing suggestions on visual identity (offering as well tutoring, topic on which I and my HE are considering to provide) and finally I post-producted the shoots and gave it back to the clients. I received positive feedbacks on that so we are seriously considering to go on with this kind of services.

I’m collaborating in to elaborate a new effective strategy for the marketing and communication plan for the next year. The HE agreed with my  proposal to build a “press team” to enhance the delivering of a balanced dissemination for each project running.




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