Good morning everybody!
Here we go for other two weeks of work here in Athens.
After the documentary days, we got back to the “normal” work of a record label, other projects have started and so, many other tasks had to be accomplished. I put commas for the word normal because nowadays life is not easy for this kind of business. Considering this it’s quite brilliant the idea that the people working here had to develop their business: producing audiobooks.

It was project started before my arrival and in these weeks got to a more practical level, which comprehends all the technicalities that have to be done in order to send the product to the international retailer. Because of that there was some work to be done not only for the audio but also for the text part of the book. I was glad to help in that because I have some experience with ebooks work and their formats.

As far as the music is concerned the label had two more releases these weeks and we’re working for one more to publish by the end of the year, hopefully. Just in these days I’ve been talking with the musician, author of the album, in order to realise a good artwork. Because of that, and to find a good concept I’ve been working with some graphic tools for discussing ideas and sketches, trying to get the best we can.

There’s plenty of work to be done but there’s also the hope the idea of involving all the musicians publishing for the label to record a new project. It’s still an idea but we hope to make it happen as soon as possible, it will be amazing!

Talking about life in Athens, also for changing a bit the theme of the pictures, I’m enjoying myself a lot here. There’s plenty of things to do here, but the most I feel more enthusiastic about , until now, were a sailing trip and, being a football fan, a champions league match at the Karaiskakis Stadium! And can’t wait to discover more!!!





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