In the last month I’ve been working essentially to the creation of travels packages which requires to contract with hotels and partners for activities for prices, availabilities etc. I’ve been meeting a lot of people, to visit their structures, test their activities and negotiate. In the last days I also started the graphic part which is the constitution of the catalogue. I also worked on promotion of VivoVenetia in France, created a Media Kit in Italian, contracted with a Tour Operator to sell 3 of VivoVenetia’s activities and organized and sale workshop for a local community of Americans.

I’m working on many travel packages: 2 in Dolomites with different itineraries possible; 3 in Euganean Hills; 2 for Schools (1 in Venice, 1 in Dolomites); 2 in all Veneto with a multi-activity week; 2 in bicycle around the Veneto; 1 week and 1 weekend in Venice with various options; 1 Art&Craft Tour and 1 tour in Vespa. For each I also must select and present various activities “à la carte” to let clients (B2B or B2C) be able of a tailor made / personalized travel.

To meet partners, I did 3 more “excursions”. The first excursion I joined the manager form the Cadòr Hotel again (in Dolomiti) and went in a whole day of activities: visits in villages, in artisanal cheese factory, farms, museums, archaeological and natural sites; local products tastings; meeting with a wood sculptor and with a local French speaker guide. The second excursion was with a partner which organizes boat excursion in the Venetian lagoon with a traditional boat. They wanted us to meet people from Valle da Pesca, a place where they want to develop new touristic visits. I went to check it and it was so interesting. It’s an island in the lagoon where they do natural fish farming (no products, all fish from the lagoon, with water of the lagoon and food naturally present in the water). They explained us their work, showed us the place and I even did a little “reportage”. We talked about the eventual ways to work together. The third excursion was a day in Colli Euganei which is a thermal area. I organized appointments with 5 hotels Cécile was interested in. We spend the day visiting these Thermal Hotels from 3* to 5*, their Spa and curative centres, discussing with them the possibilities of collaboration. I chose 3 of them for my packages.

Parallelly I also contacted a French website / news specialized in Sustainable Tourism and ordered an article. I had an interview with their journalist, organized on for Cécile and now VivoVenetia has its 1rst article published in France:
I organized a lithographic workshop for a group of Americans living in Vicenza.

I contracted with Weekendesk and sale them 3 of our activities they’ll integrate in their travel packages (tour of Venice in kayak; aperitive in a gondola; boat tour of the northern islands of the lagoon).
On the next weeks I’m waiting the answers of lot of partners (hotels, kayak activities, guides, etc.) about their prices and availabilities to close my packages. After what I could also finish the catalogue and start the commercial part contacting lot of French associations, Tour Operator, etc.

The following pictures are:

1. Screen shot of our article published on Voyageons Autrement
2. Extract of the catalogue I’m working on (still in work!!!)
3. Extract from the video I did of Gianni, worker at Valle da Pesca
4. Picture of Valle Da Pesca
5. Picture of Valle Da Pesca
6. Visit of an artisanal cheese factory in Misurina
7. Visit of an artisanal cheese factory in Misurina
8. Meeting with the wood sculptor Ilaria Roccon




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