Here I am writing this article and in only two weeks I will have finished this project! Last two weeks have been a full-immersion on video-editing. If I compare the workflow I’m following right now to the one I was following months ago I can understand how much I improved; Richard has taught me so many tips and tricks when it comes to speed up the editing efficiency. Thanks to these “lessons” I have been able to carry out a couple of projects and already can see the videos we produced online, hoping they will effectively help the company to reach a wider audience.

I also had the opportunity to deepen my business idea with other people I’ve met here in Valencia and I’m having a lot of inputs and possibly already building up a network for future collaborations!

These experiences and conversations I had last weeks are giving me ideas about how to improve my business idea: since the target of my company will be made of an international clientele, building up a network of freelancers that could collaborate with me would be amazing and really helpful in the future!

You can feel summer will be over in a couple of weeks: the weather has changed, temperatures dropped down and tourists no longer fill the city. For me it’s always a bit sad when autumn arrives but, just like students on September start a new academic year, I feel like it’s an opportunity for me to start a new chapter of my life! can’t wait to see what these two last weeks will bring to me and what will come next!




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