In this period I have been in Armenia (in the capital Yerevan) to participate in a project of
NICOLA. Obviously all expenses were covered by NICOLA.

The project was a Training Course from the 16th to the 24th of September and the title is “ACTIVATE”
Training Course (AGENTS OF CHANGE- THE VITAL ENTREPRENEURS OF TOMORROW). I attach the program and the info_pack, even if there is a date error on the program.

What better opportunity for me to learn, to compare myself with experts and above all to compare
myself with young people and their business ideas?

As you can see from the program they have been very intense days. Only after dinner it was possible to visit the city of Yerevan. During the training it was decided to merge some parts to have a free day in which we visited the Garni Temple and the Geghard Monastery.

Non-formal moments are important in almost all training courses. In fact, one evening after dinner, I had a chance to talk with a Ukrainian boy in a pub in the city. I explained why I attended the
course and that in Italy I teach European Design and the European Programs. He asked a lot of questions
and was very attentive and involved.

The next day he told our chat to the other young people. So all together asked the organization of the
course to include in the program a my lesson.

So I gave a lesson on the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs. The lesson was a success.
The young people asked me to create a facebook page so that I can help them especially in the compilation of their business plan.

An extra job for me, but a unique opportunity. That of having a virtual classroom made up of many young people from different countries and being able to know their ideas and create a European
network of business ideas.

I returned to London a little sad, because this experience enriched me as a person. I’m back with a
lot of ideas and now I’m thinking about how to transfer them to my business idea. Also from a
professional point of view it was a very rich experience: now I have a class of European students! Not
bad. Obviously it will be professional volunteering for me.




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