In my fifth week at Fyne Ales I was more involved in brewing, and on Monday we had a very interesting collaboration brew with our friends from Edinburgh Food Studio. We prepared a particular beer in the Nordic Farmhouse style, with blackcurrant branches infused in the hot liquor and flowering currant buds in the copper, to give a peculiar taste. Picking every single bud from the branches was a long job, but we were lucky enough to get a nice shiny day, and it surely worth it!

During the sixth week, I brewed, together with Andrea, some beers that will be used for blending in the next Origin releases. A dark strong ale that will mature in barrels, and a kettle sour beer. The kettle sour in particular have a peculiar production process, involving a souring step overnight with the inoculation of fresh malt before the boil, to pitch naturally present lactobacilli. I have been pleased to participate in it and I surely learned a lot.




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