I will tell you about the 5 and 6 week of the EYE project in Jerez De La Frontera.

Everything proceeds with great enthusiasm and motivation, thanks to the people I met at the host company. I always get involved in company activities and always in different activities, this makes my experience very dynamic and gives me the opportunity to participate in all phases of business management.

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In these two weeks I have had the opportunity to be in close contact with the marketing department, where not only the company's marketing is done but we also work on commission for other clients, the job is to create an advertisement with a slogan that succeeds to leave a mark in the imagination of the end customer, all to be reproduced by signs and gadgets of various kinds. In these two weeks the work involved the creation of an advertisement for a self-employed person; we started from the graphic realization through software (photoshop) and then realized, with printers, billboards and stickers to set up the windows; a second work concerned the creation of desk calendars for an associated law firm. After this brief experience I feel I can say that it is a mental job, with the graphic creation of an advertisement, or manual, the case of stickers on vinileda affixed to the required surfaces with great skill.

The days spent were also those of the Christmas holidays and I enjoyed the local traditions, with dancing songs and great food.
I take this opportunity to wish a happy new year to all my readers.




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