During the last weeks I went on with contacting French agencies. I had success with two platforms, contracting with them and publishing some of our products on their website. A tour operator has also been very interested in integrating our activities in its packages. So, I spend some days selecting about 50 of our products matching their requests and needs, specially about the ability of free-sale, after what I realized a little presentation and send it to my contact there. It occurs that I realized doing this task that many of our offers online were obsolete, the calendar wasn’t updated, they were not available anymore or they presented some mistakes in the description or language. I did work on correcting and updating it.
I also realized a French pdf guide for a self-guided tour of the Jewish ghetto in the aim to make it available for the French market. I designed a guide adapted for phone displays, worked on texts and graphics. I should now convert it onto a printable model too and make it for English, Italian and German versions.
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 5107,5108,5109,5110,5111,5112″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”250″ height=”250″ title=”never”] Since last week I’m working on the creation of products after we had a point with Cécile Rousset. I remodel the travel packages already existing, verifying the partners and adapting it with our last choices regarding the French market. I also create new travel packages, choosing activities and structures in our database, including new ones on it and working on prices.
I also had been with Cécile Rousset to the Artisan Market in Feltre to do public relations. We met pre-existing partners and met new people, talking and taking visit card, valuating the possibility to do something with or nor. We have been in an hotel – restaurant in Passo Croce d’Aune above Feltre that we visited and where we had lunch to experiment because it’s located in an area we are developing packages in and we are considering having a partnership with.
I’ve been working on decorating the office. I choose a wall adhesive with a picture taken in Villa dei Vescovi, up the stairs surrounded by columns with affreschi and opening to a wonderful landscape with gardens, hills, a little village and woods. I thought it was very inviting, because you want to go down the stairs, it is opening, like if you’re inside by our office and can go there then and it illustrates well our activities:
culture, architecture, nature, etc. Last week finally it was delivered at the office and I
applicated it on the bottom wall. I also went to stamp a selection of pictures showing our various activities and artisan. I applied it on the sides walls, one for activities, the other for landscapes. The new adhesives for the showcase were delivered too but we still must do it, we should take time to take off the old ones first.

In the end, I and Cécile Rousset took the decision to extend the Erasmus mobility for one month to go further in the design of products and products content and also to be able to contact more people.




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