The first edition of The taste of Bespoke, our exclusive event happened on 18th April, has come to an end. We worked a lot that day from nine in the morning till ten in the night, but it was very nice and satisfying.
In the morning we prepared the last things to do and packed everything to bring there. Many customers and professionals came at the event. And fortunately, all my worries and doubts disappeared. Indeed, I was very worry before, but during the event I was able to talk to everyone in English, I answered to many questions about shirts fabrics and suits. I translated simultaneously from Italian to English and vice versa all the info that our Italian shoemaker, Alfio Bruschi, had to give to our guests as his English was rather poor. Thanks to Alfio I learned a lot about how making shoes, the value of a handmade product, the quality of the leather, some tips regarding style, materials, fitting and all the work behind it.

There were also presentations about some of our suppliers of shirts and fabrics, a tailor who showed them his bespoke suites, a catering with food and drinks, and a great photographer. You could see many curious people around the tables and others scattered here and there talking inside or outside in the garden.
Moreover, the weather was very nice and warm.
At the end of the event we are all very tired.

The next day Alfio Bruschi taught us in our office how we can take measurements of the feet for the future orders of bespoke shoes and to memorize everything, we took a video, pictures and notes to follow every step.
The day after we greeted our guest who returned to Italy and the following days we started to organize everything still pending.
We put in order the office and set up again the showroom, the fabrics, suits, shirts, shoes and everything we used for the event.
Then my co-worker and I edited the video adding the text of explanation for every step.
I updated the event’s online page and our homepage, organized every file of our suppliers with new information and prepared the orders and invoices regarding the customers that bought products after the event.
At the end, also these 2 weeks were demanding and full of work.




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