Hello everyone!
Other two weeks have past and here I go again, telling you the stories from my EYE project in Athens.
As I said in the previous post the studio where I’m working is production company not only for music but also for video products. This is important because I can make a richer experience, also more exciting, and gain skills that I wasn’t really expecting to gain.

Here let me digress for one moment: I believe that this is one of the greatest merits of Erasmus projects such as EYE. You go with the aim of learning something specific and you end up learning much more! That also shows us new wanna-be inexperienced entrepreneurs that when it comes to reality things are really different.
Anyway, getting back to my weeks, the task was to prepare, write and shoot a small documentary about a beatbox festival that was going to take part in Athens. Now, doesn’t that sound amazing?!?



I’m really glad and grateful for being involved in all of this! I never thought that one day I would be asked to work with a wonderful team and write the script, produce and present a documentary, although I always wanted to. It was so much fun doing all of that, and on top of it, the people with whom I worked were fantastic and we really enjoyed ourselves while preparing everything.

After the meetings and work for preparing the script we spend this last weekend shooting in Athens. On friday we went to a beatbox workshop to interview the youngsters who were taking part in it and the special guests that came from abroad to be the judges of the beatbox championship that took place the day after. These guests are the best beatboxers in the world and it has been a pleasure meeting them and talk with them. On Saturday we went to the festival, shot the whole performances, talked with the beatboxers who were competing and had a great time!
Now we just miss to work on the postproduction and hopefully the documentary will be ready. I can’t wait to see the final result, so maybe in the next post I may leave a link for you, to have a look.

See you by then!!!