And again, for my 4th report I’m here writing about my last two week here in London!
Just yesterday the big event I wrote in the past report has took place and ended after three days full of arts and artists. A surrealistic, such inspiring event.

I mean, I had the opportunity to be on the backstage of the event, following the communication processes and delivering the planned strategies for all that concern social media and websites, what engaged me more has been specifically the part of building new networks, and engage a differentiated target of public according to the specific media or context where I was approaching.

This aspect has been delivered through digital media of course, in which I was able to manage and develop strategies on my own and I provided my point of view or method I could say, bust most of all I really enjoyed the challenge represented by that part of network that has to be built through proper relationships. In a way I had to step forward my comfort zone and challenge my ability to share information and ideas with a network wider, in terms of diversity, than the specific professional one.

Also in this two week I went on with the activity of shadowing mentoring sessions starting to have brief intervention and exchanges with the clients, received actually a positive feedback from both the client (feedback spontaneously given actually) and my colleague aswell with whom I shared a brief discuss about the session after that it ended.

I’m also working on a workshop where I’m supposed to be part of the tutors team, so I’m working on the training schedule, discussing with others about my program of contents and sharing with them ideas about the mentorship.




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