The analysis of the structure is developing through the study of the model and the technical drawings for the meeting with the engineers that will take place at the beginning of September.
For the technical drawing we are using a new software: AutodeskRevit. It is a BIM (Building Information Modeling) design software that is specialized in the design and control of the building costruction. With this software we will have at the same time the model,the 2d technical drawings, the list of the
materials and the list of the costs.

At the same time we are preparing the 3dmodel of the ceiling’s panels that will be realize in styrofoam. This material will be molded and cut in special laboratory and the result will be an absolutely light and perfect material to attach to the ceiling.

The experience is becoming very interesting, the office is an active and stimulating environment where everything possible is discussed and tested. We discuss and participate to every project giving our personal opinion.

Kivi and Tuuli Sotamaa are also engaged in another construction site in Stockholm and asked me to help them for the technical drawings of this building: on 30th of August we planned to flight to Stockholm and they will show me the building and the work that we are doing there.

Next week we will start a workshop with all of the colleagues to start the new house that will be built completely in wood. A meeting with StoraEnso, finnish company of wood costruction, is planned for the middle of September. The house will be a sort of prototype of a new system of costruction.




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