It's been 4 months since the beginning of the project in Seville and the time spent here has been intense and fast. My last period at Clínica Golden was surprising and fruitful.

In the second week of July we finished the the first part of the nutritional project on which I started working since my arrival, under the supervision of my Host. The results were collected in a database and used for subsequent studies. In particular, it is clear that in nutritional rehabilitation the choice of nutritional intervention, in the perspective of the therapeutic alliance, can take into account a more properly re-
educational approach, and not forced, to favor patient compliance.

During these weeks I am continuing to familiarize myself with aesthetic medicine techniques such as collagen induction, liposuction and laser liposculpture, abdominal reduction (abdominoplasty). The medical staff is
extremely professional and careful to my difficulty or doubts in the work.

I am also working on the aspects related to the marketing of dietetic and aesthetic products that the clinic offers.
Last Sunday we had lunch with all the staff of the clinic in the Santa Cruz district of Seville, the most picturesque and delightful part of the city. It was a fantastic moment that allowed me to appreciate once again the
incredible humility and genuineness of the people I work with every day.

Now I’m ready to continue my experience and look forward to work on new projects.




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