My collaboration in the photographic studio during the second part of August passed in a calm way. I worked most of the time on the computer in the office, retouching photos, cutting the videos and responding for emails. But we have a few newborn models visiting My Baby Book studio too! Although the general plan of photo sessions is usually similar, each and every session never looks the same. Every baby acts in a different way. Some of them are easier to work with, some of them are more fragile, need more time, patience and gentleness. With every photo session I can observe Martyna, how does she work, how is she talking with clients, how is she dealing with every step of her job. It’s very interesting and I’m happy to be part of this. And since My Baby Book studio is very family-friendly, once for a while her kids are spending their time here, while we are working… And we took a photo of us together with her cute daughter. 🙂

After the session, we always ask clients to sign up the permission to publish their photographs on the Internet. If we get this permission we can legally promote the offer of the studio on the web. Social media is the part of the marketing we focus on. The more buzz we can make, more potential clients are willing to learn about the studio offer. These weeks I’ve also continued recording backstage videos from Martyna’s photo sessions and then cutting those and making short promo-videos to use on the Facebook page or the Instagram. It takes some time, but the final effect is worth the effort!

Being in Italy I could not stop myself from traveling. It’s a beautiful country, with great cities to explore, wonderful nature and amazing views. So far I have been able to visit several places such as Naples, Amalfi Coast, and Milan. It would be great to travel and make a destination photo sessions here or there. But being “just in Rome” still remains a source of great inspiration for me. I never have enough of this place. Scenic views, all of these tiny streets and beautiful architecture… On every step I can collect ideas for my own dream photo sessions, which I plan to realize in next months. Now I have to make it into a plan, design some mood boards, find models, organize stylists and choose locations. I have some ideas already! And I cannot wait to make it into the reality.




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