Theatr Brama is trying to develop a horizontal organisation leading structure. Instead of having a pyramid structure with a boss deciding for everything, Brama is developing and trying new ways where everyone is taking responsibilities in regards to the different projects.

Imagine a map where you draw all the projects : for exemple Kliniska micro event, Mosty micro event, Goleniow macro event, Ghost dance performance, Natura Morte performance. For each project you could draw another map with projects or mission within the projects like creating a tribe with youngsters for Mosty, prepare the performance the “Wall” for the macro event in front of a school, meet new local communities, make promotion, etc. Each project is exposed during meetings and the power of attraction, connected also with the skills of everyone, is bringing people to take a task. The system is also named “rhyzomatic” within the group. There are so many tasks that a clear communication between us is a key point and a good update calendar the essential tool of reference.[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 4331,4328,4327″ limit=”33″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=250″ title=”never”]

It is a big challenge to keep a community theatre alive. It needs volunteers and good will of their members, it needs passion and devotion, love and open mind. It is, in a good way, obliging everyone to take responsibilities and manifest the best of their potential.




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